3 Yoga exercises to stregnthen Lungs

Lungs are the body’s primary organs, since the breathing mechanism is involved. For all other parts of the body to operate appropriately, lung function is essential. Recent COVID-19, SARI and ILI pandemics are associated with the respiratory tract, especially the Lungs, making pulmonary health the key to preventing and managing those infections for everyone. While Pranayamas are all known for managing breathing and breathing in Yoga, actual breathing management begins with Yoga Asanas and postures. The breathing pattern of an Asana is its own. The primary source of energy is Breath or Prana, or force which keeps us alive. It is, therefore, necessary to maintain a safe and powerful lung. Easy asanas can have tremendous benefits for our lungs and our overall health. There are five basic Yoga Asanas that can maximize the benefits of our lungs.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Fish Pose)

The stance on both sides stretches the chest and lungs


  • Sit on the ground with legs spread with feet before you.
  • Bend your right knee and hold your right foot up.
  • Sit on the right-hand heel to the left side of the sitting on the right sole arch Turn right on the the right-hand side of the leg.
  • Keep your left foot on the ground.
  • Relax and straighten the back of the shoulder
  • Place your right arm with your hand and face up on the left knee.
  • Inhale and exhalation while slowly turning the spine to the left.
  • Stay flat with the right pal on your right foot
  • Turn the head from the left to the left
  • Hold up for a couple of seconds
  • Slowly exhale and return to the seat
  • On the other side repeat the same

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Although it has many advantages, it extends the chest and lungs to increase the lung capacity


  • Sit back with your face and feet
  • The front should hit the ground
  • Place the two palms on your shoulders hand
  • Elbows near the body
  • Shake the hip and tailbone and strain
  • When you exhale, the upper the portion of your body lives
  • Muscles in the back and abdomen are extended
  • Look straight or as relaxed as the ceiling.
  • Place for a a couple of seconds
  • Exhale and come down down to the face

Shashankasana (Rabbit Pose)

Simple asanasYoga’s one of the simple and effective poses for everyone.
This is also called Baalasana or child pose. It enhances lung capacity, stretches the back of the pulmonary tract alleviates back and down problems and spine problems.


  • Sit-in Vajrasana, Germany (Sitting on your feet with soles facing up and knees bent) Inhale and raise your arms slowly straight above your head
  • Your chest and abdomen are elevated with the spine upright
  • Exhale slowly and bend with the back straight ahead
  • Let your knees rest in the abdomen
  • Hand extended straight and lay above the head on the floor.
  • Keep this position in your Breath for a couple of seconds to a few minutes Inhale your body and arms and raise them
  • Return to the position Vajrasana

All these asanas have many other health benefits, including increased flexibility, metabolism, muscle tone, and spinal health. People with back problems, neck problems and spinal problems must be careful when doing Yoga stances. Always under useful guidance, it is good to learn yoga asanas. Before doing Yoga, people suffering from grave or chronic medical conditions should consult their physicians.

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