5 best exercises to get rid of Eye strain due to Digital screens

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing norms, we spend more time on the digital screen than ever. The screen time of children in the 5-15 age group has risen by 100% since the first lockout, according to a survey from OLX India. In the face of the pandemic, work from home and online classes are now becoming the new standard. Doctors around the world have reported a rise in pandemic eye pressure, weakness of the eye, blurred eyesight, and dry or itchy eyes.

We also give some exercises to help alleviate pain and improve your eye muscles when you are also suffering from an eye strain.

Eye Roll

This exercise for your eye muscles, apart from relieving eye pressure. Make sure that when you do this the exercise you do not watch television. Follow the steps to perform this eye workout:

  • Relax and look ahead, calm down straight.
  • See to the right and then roll your eyes, to the left, then to the ground.
  • Do likewise in the opposite direction.
  • Try ten reps twice daily. This is one rep.

Don’t rush to fill in the rolls of the eye. Ideally, 10 Reps should take you about a minute.


It’s a perfect workout to relieve your tired eyes. Rub both palms over your closed eyelids until they are wet. Make sure your eyeballs don’t have any strain.
The warmth of your hands will warm your eyes so that your muscles relax, and your eyes will recover from the tension of the machine. Holding your palms there until your eyes absorb all the heat. Palming also tends to relieve the chronically irritated optic nerve. The best thing is to do it in a darkened space. Do this one or two times a day.

Eye Press

This is a safe way for the eyes to relax. Close your eyes, inhale deeply into your eyelids and put your fingers on. Press your eyes gently and sustain the pose for approximately 10 seconds. Remove your eyes and hold your fingers open for a few seconds before your vision is focused again. A bit of flickering will help the eyes to shift direction. Click the eye Ten times again.


This is a perfect eye workout for people who spend the entire day at work beyond the computer screen. Sit in a convenient spot on a chair. Extend your arm up with your thumb in front of you. Maintain your thumb-focused eyes. Get your thumb nearer to your eyes steadily.

Slow Blink

It helps to preserve the correct lubrication of our skin. We don’t blink as much when looking at screens and leave our eyes tired, dry, and itchy. Blinking workouts will refresh and lubricate your eyes. Face straight ahead and close your eyes slowly on the blank wall. Slowly open them again after about half a second. Repeat 20 times in a row this slow blink.

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