Nutrition Helps Restore Damaged Teeth

What is tooth enamel? Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in our bodies. It is a protective layer made of calcium and phosphate. The enamel covers the visible parts of your teeth, and helps them to stay strong and healthy. Tooth enamel - ...

Mouthwash: The Best Health Benefits—And Dangers

Mouthwash, also called “oral rinse” or “mouth rinse,” typically contains antibacterial ingredients to clean between your teeth, as well as other ingredients that give it a flavor. Some types of mouthwash contain alcohol as an inactive ingredient, ...

5 Tips to Improve Oral Health

When you look after your mouth and teeth, age doesn't matter. You will eat the food you need to enhance your nutrition in a safe mouth. Oral health is, therefore, critical for you to remain optimistic. If your mouth is clean and safe, you can ...

How to make your Teeth Healthy

If the body is stressed, it is significant that the immune system can combat harmful bacteria, i.e., the imbalance can cause inflammation in the body, including the mouth, leading to gum disease and probably tooth loss. And to make matters even ...

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