Is it Safe to Drink Lemon Water Daily?

Many reports suggest lemon water has powerful benefits in terms of health and weight loss, but what does the study say? It can help boost digestion, body detox, or encourage weight loss, lemon water is a common home remedy.

What is lemon water?

Vitamin C is a good antioxidant in lemons. Lemon water is merely lemon juice combined with water. In lemon water, the amount of lemon juice depends on the choice of the person. It could be cold or hot for people to drink.

Lemon water has become a popular morning drink, with individuals using it as a soothing pick-me-up because of reports that it can improve energy and metabolism levels.


A rich source of vitamin C, a strong antioxidant, is lemons. In fact, one squeezed lemon provides about 21 percent of the daily value of an individual (DV). Lemons are abundant in flavonoids, much like other citrus fruits, including oranges, grapefruit, and limes. There are compounds that help improve wellbeing and combat illness.

Lemons contain few nutrients, apart from that. Lemon water contains very little protein, fat, carbohydrates, or sugar, and other vitamins and minerals, including potassium, folate, and some B vitamins, include just trace quantities.

  • 10.6 calories
  • 49.4 mg of potassium, or 1% DV
  • 0.01 mg of vitamin B-1, or 1% DV
  • 0.01 mg of vitamin B-2, or 1% DV
  • 0.06 mg of vitamin B-5, or 1% DV
  • 9.6 micrograms (mcg) of folate, or 2% DV
  • 18.6 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C, or 21% DV

Lemon water is a safe low-calorie and low-sugar drink that can improve a person’s intake of vitamin C, although a single glass does not seem to have a lot of nutrients. Each glass of lemon water’s nutritional value depends on how much lemon juice it contains, as well as any other ingredients.


Drinking lemon water can have some health benefits because of its high vitamin C levels, flavonoid content, and acidity.

Antioxidants and flavonoids:

Lemons are a source of plant compounds called flavonoids that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and contain vitamin C, a strong antioxidant. Compounds that help protect the cells of the body from damage are antioxidants.

Antioxidants minimize the risk of many health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer, by minimizing cellular damage.

Inflammation in the body is also minimized by citrus flavonoids. Vitamin C is also important for the functioning of the immune system, wound healing, and helping the body to absorb iron from food.

Kidney stones:

Some studies indicate that it can help to cure kidney stones by drinking lemon water. In comparison to traditional therapy, it tends to be the
most effective, but it can also be a useful alternative treatment.

Kidney stones are an aggregation of minerals that grow in the kidneys.
Usually, they are composed of calcium oxide. A compound called citrate is the most common therapy. By preventing calcium from binding with other substances, increasing the amount of citrate in the body prevents kidney stones from developing.

A common cause of kidney stones is a shortage of water in the body.
Drinking more water, regardless of whether or not there is lemon in it will also help avoid kidney stones.

Benefits of water:

Lemon water is water with added lemon juice, which ensures that standard water has all the benefits. Drinking plenty of water has advantages:

  • Weight loss: It will improve feelings of fullness and slightly raise your metabolism, which will help you lose weight.
  • Mental health: mood and memory can be optimized.
  • Digestive health: Constipation can help alleviate it.
  • The efficiency of exercises: It will boost athletic performance.


It is safe to drink lemon water. The acid in the lemons, however, can damage tooth enamel over time making the teeth more susceptible to cavities.

You can help protect your teeth by drinking acidic drinks through a straw. Afterwards, rinsing the mouth out can also help. After drinking lemon water, it may be safer to stop brushing your teeth directly, as the enamel may be in an acid-softened condition. So for people who like to drink lemon water in the morning, before breakfast, they may wish to brush their teeth.

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