Is it Safe to take Coconut Water During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, coconut water intake has a host of benefits rather than just tasting good. Coconut Development Board (CDB) experts have claimed that coconut water is considered the best source of nutrients during pregnancy because it is a mixture of chlorides, electrolytes, riboflavin, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C.

Benefits of Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Coconut water is a drink that is free of fat, nutritious, cool, and refreshing, helping to keep the body hydrated by replenishing the natural salts we lose during sweating. During pregnancy, coconut water is ideal for both the mother’s and the child’s health for the following reasons:

The Fluids and Electrolytes Levels:

It contains moderate quantities of sugar, protein, and sodium, thus helping to sustain the body’s necessary daily levels of fluids and electrolytes.

Secure from infections:

Evidence has shown that coconut water helps to develop immunity during pregnancy, improves kidney function, prevents urinary tract infections (UTI), and helps to lower high blood pressure levels.

Fewer calories:

It is low in calories and includes some dietary fibers, safe omega fatty acids that are recommended for pregnant women and that help them keep their weight under control.

Weight Loss Enhances:

Since it contains zero cholesterol, coconut water encourages weight loss and helps to lift good cholesterols in the body by steadily eradicating bad cholesterols, preventing the accumulation of excess fat cells, and keeping the body hydrated at all times.

Improves digestion:

It helps boost the digestion process, improves the digestive tract, avoids constipation, retains and monitors the body’s ph. Levels. This, in essence, increases the metabolism of the body and detoxifies it. As a natural acid neutralizer during breastfeeding, coconut water also soothes and prevents heartburn.

The immune system strengthens:

Rich in important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system, coconut water protects mothers and children from disease. The lauric acid responsible for producing monolaurin, a disease-fighting acid, prevents, among others, diseases such as flu and HIV.

Drink During Exercise:

For expecting mothers, who are encouraged to keep physically stable and fit and conduct light exercises, coconut water is often recommended as a great exercise drink.

Combat Morning Sickness:

In the first trimester, drinking coconut water also helps to tackle morning sickness and relieves exhaustion.

Pregnancy and Coconut Water:

During breastfeeding, coconut water consumption is strongly recommended. Drinking coconut water has many advantages, but
there are two crucial points to note below:

One must always note that moderation is necessary. The highest priority should always be safe, filtered water. Coconut water should not be drunk as a constant substitute for pure mineral water and other beverages.

As soon as the coconut is sliced, it is advisable to drink coconut water when it is fresh and nutrient-rich. Home individuals assume, however, that coconut water can meet all kinds of nutritional requirements of a pregnant mother during pregnancy. But as there is no single food item that could contain all sorts of essential nutrients, it is definitely not valid. A pregnant woman should consume a sufficient amount of a mixture of fruits, vegetables, and meat products (proteins) containing essential nutrients.

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