Top 8 Food to Gain Weight Naturally

For specific individuals, it can be just as difficult to gain weight or muscle added as for others to lose weight. However, merely adding such items to your diet will make your attempts to gain weight more comfortable and healthier. 

Here is 18 of the best foods for gaining weight or adding the right muscle. 

Homemade protein smoothies

Homemade protein smoothies can be a very nutritious and easy way of weight gain. The best way to make your smoothies is because commercial ones mostly contain sugar and do not have nutrients. You thoroughly regulate the flavour and nutrient content. Here you can only try some delicious combinations. If you have lactose intolerance, you can combine each with 2 cups (470 mL) of milk and soy milk. Both contain more nutrients and calories than alternative dairy products. 

Shake chocolate: combine one banana, one chocolate protein scoop and one slot of peanut (15 mL) or other nut butter.

Berry Vanilla shake: 1 cup of fresh or frozen mixed berries, ice, 1 cup of high protein, Greek yoghurt with all its fat, one vanilla whey protein scoop. ice cream: 1 cup (237 mL).

Chocolate shake: Compose one chocolate whey protein scoop of 15 ounces (444 ml), one hazelnut butter tablespoon (15 ml) and one avocado. 

Apple shakes: mix one sliced apple, 1 cup (237 mL) of fatty Greek yoghurt, one scoop of whey protein flavoured with caramels or vanilla, and one tablespoon (15 mL) of flavouring or smoothing caramel free of sugar.

Super green: Mix 1 cup of spinach (237 mL), one avocado, one banana, 1 cup of pineapple and one scoop of unflavored protein (Vanilla whey protein). Super green shake:

All the smoothies contain around 400-600 calories, protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. 


During decades, milk has been used to build weight or muscle. It offers adequate protein, carbohydrate and fat balance and is a good calcium source as well as other minerals and minerals. Milk is an excellent source of protein, including casein and whey proteins, to those who try to add more muscle. Research has shown that in conjunction with weightlifting, it can help you add power. Studies have also found that combined milk or whey and casein can result in more mass gain than other sources of protein. Treat yourself to a snack, with a meal or before and after the workout to drink one or two glasses of whole milk (149 calories per cup). Milk smoothies are a perfect way to supplement your diet with milk. Try to mix 1 cup of berry, 1 cup of whole milk, two honey teaspoons and one teaspoon of vanilla in a leisurely morning to improve your protein (about 275 calories). 


To help gain weight, rice is an easy, low costs carb source. Just one cup of white cooked rice supplies 204 calories, 44 grams of carbohydrate and relatively low fat. Rice is also very calorie thick, which ensures that a significant amount of carbs and calories can easily be obtained by one serving. This helps you to eat more, especially when you get low or fast. If you are on the move, you can quickly connect 2-minute packets of microwavable rice to other sources of protein and prepared meals. Another common way is to cook, undisturbed, or freeze a large pot of rice, then combine it with various proteins and healthy fats for varied meals during the week. There are multiple ways of making relatively soft rice a snack. After you’ve cooked your rice, the best way to add flavour, colours, and protein boost is to add these ingredients simply:

  • butter and Parmesan cheese
  • broccoli and cheese
  • scrambled eggs
  • toasted sesame seeds, peanuts, or cashews

The addition of a sauce like a curry, pesto or alfredo is also a way to improve your taste and calories. If you are pressed for time, you can buy these ready-made sauces. 

An entire meal can quickly turn into a rice dish. Try the wild rice and chicken calves for a good dinner (400 calories per serving). You can also cook up your nutritious food with your favourite, fried rice from China, which is baked with this “fried rice vegetable-tofu dish. 

Nuts and nut butter

Nuts and jars of butter are ideal choices to gain weight. Just a handful of raw almonds (1/4 cup) are 170 calories, 6 g protein, 4 g fibre, and 15 g healthy fats. 

Since the nuts are very rich in calories, only two handfuls a day will add hundreds of calories with a meal or a snack. A selection of snacks and dishes, including smoothies, yoghurts and crackers, can be added with nut beat and converted quickly into a high-calorie snack. Try this banana smoothie, with only three ingredients, for a fast pick-up (270 calories, using whole milk). Substitute another almond butter if you have a peanut allergy. But be sure to choose 100% butter without adding added sugar or additional oils. Or even better make this homemade almond butter recipe your own. Your wallet is also comfortable with making and simple. 

Red meats

Possibly one of the best muscular foods available is red meats. Six oz (170 grams) steak, for example, contains around five grams of leucine. Liukin is the essential amino acid in your body to facilitate the synthesis of muscle proteins (8Trusted Source, 9). It has 456 calories and almost 49 grams of protein. Red meats are also one of the best sources of natural dietary creatine, potentially the best muscle building supplement in the world (10). 

Take a look at the options of fatter dishes that offer you more calories than leaner meats to add weight and take extra calories. One hundred older women added 6 oz (170 grams) red meat to their diets in one study and completed six days a week of resistance training over six weeks. Women gained magnetic mass, increased their strength by 18 per cent and increased the essential muscle-building hormone IGF-1. Lean meats, as well as fatty meats, are an excellent protein source, but fatty meat contains more calories to help get your weight. Brisket is one of the most common decadent beef dishes. Brisket is famous for its cooking time, but if you have a slow cooker, it can be much more straightforward. 

Potatoes and starches

Pumpkin and other starchy foods make consuming extra calories very convenient and cost-efficient.

  • quinoa
  • oats
  • corn
  • buckwheat
  • potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • squash
  • winter root vegetables
  • beans and legumes

Both legumes and beans 

They not only add carbohydrates and other starches to your body but also increase your muscle glucose reserves. They increase your body weight. 

The Primary Source of fuel for most sport and sports is Glycogen. Many of these carb sources provide essential nutrients, fibres, and resistant starch that can help to feed your intestinal bacteria. One trend in Instagram, sweet potato toast, can be tried with sweet potatoes. It takes only a few minutes to plan. Begin by washing a medium-size candy potato, drying it and slice it thinly, then toast it in a toaster or a toaster oven. Then add toppings to your favourite. Slurry it for example, with padded avocado and a fried egg (300 calories per serving). You have a great breakfast or snack after training for yourself. 

In reality, quinoa is a seed prepared and eaten like a cereal. It can be cooked and eaten alone, added to soups or made to the meal, and used in pains, beverages or porridges. Quinoa is superior to many other granules because it is a full protein, i.e. it contains all nine amino acids, which our bodies cannot produce by themselves. Nutrition, minerals and vitamins of B are also high. In this hearty lunch receipt for quinoa and roasted candies, take a good dose of sweet potato and quinoa (336 calories per serving). 

Salmon and oily fish

Salmon and fatty fish, including red meat, are excellent protein sources and essential healthy fats. Omega-3 fatty acids are among the most critical and well-known of the nutrients that salmon and oily fish provide. They provide various health benefits and help combat diseases (14). Just one six-ounce fillet (170-grams) of wild salmon contains 250 calories and 12 grams of healthy fats. This section contains 37 g of high-quality protein, which helps to create muscle or gain weight (15Trusted Source). The salmon can be fried, steamed, sweetened, roasted, grilled, baked or poached in several ways. In sushi and sashimi, you can also try smoky salmon or eat raw salmon.

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